Responsive and Adaptive Design: Part II

A two part series on optimizing your website for any screen size.

One of the hottest topics right now is the question of “How do I make my website look and perform best on all PCs and all mobile devices?”

This quest for cross-platform reliability is one often asked by clients, and it’s a goal that has historically been quite challenging. With mobile device manufacturers battling for consumer pocketbooks, there seems to be a new device arriving every week that your website needs to conform to. There are over a dozen differing screen sizes on mobile devices today, as well as varying display dpi resolutions, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Looking ahead, how will websites adapt to a television size, a PC size, and an iPhone size reliably?

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Multi-Device Design Tips

Who doesn't love a few user experience statistics with their morning tomato. These interesting stats on how mobile usage differs from desktop usage twirled our tomatoes. Props and credit go to Raluca Budiu at the Nielsen Norman Group for the cool info.

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