Analytics: Measuring Who Matters to Gain Data Intelligence and Insights

2014 is the year of marketing analytics. Gone are the days of building a website, game, app without a strategy and implementation of deep user data intelligence gathering. Without measurement goals and key performance indicators, how can you measure success or the return on your investment?

But what kind of analytic data really matters?

Sure you can view user visits, unique visits, bounce rates, duration and other vanity analytics via Google Analytics, KISSMetrics, Flurry or Omniture (to name a few). But just because someone enters the building doesn’t mean they’ve become a customer, bought a product or have left you any follow up. They aren’t acquired, and perhaps not even really aware.

Big Bad Tomato strategizes and implements meaningful analytics that help you reach your goals of success, whether that be conversion, sales, user data gathering, a phone call etc. The value of your digital product, campaigns and promotions is wholly incumbent on the analytic insights you gain from tracking, and with the awesome power of Google Analytics, Flurry, email analytics and other tools, Big Bad Tomato can help your brand make sense of the complex but critical data intelligence gained from your social and digital efforts.

User Insights

• How are your offline efforts being measured online?

• How is Facebook, Twitter and other social media going beyond mere Likes toward conversions?

• Is your app or game working, or are users even experiencing them at the level you expected?

• How are your Advertising, SEM and SEO efforts translating into lowered customer acquisition costs?

• What are the strong referring sources for you and how can you maximize your media spend by honing in on what channels do and don’t work for you?

• Where are there gaps in your customer funnels, where are they dropping off and why?

• Are your users arriving at the content that you want them to, when you want them to?

• What conversions are deepening relationships?

• What’s your lifetime customer value?

• Who is buying multiple times?

We help you gain a deep understanding of your user’s journey through the cycle, tracking your campaigns at every level, metric and channel.

Meaningful analytics not only helps you understand user demographics and behaviors, they give you insights into weaknesses and strengths in your website or app, allowing you to test and tweak to improve your performance. They empower you accurate evaluations of where your money is being best spent. We help you define meaningful expectations of success for various campaign channels, implement, track and report knowledge gained from them. Whether through Social media insights, Flurry Mobile or Google Analytics, we implement the goals, funnels and tools to help you listen to your audience, understand their behavior and preferences, and then to act on those insights with follow up target marketing that maximizes their interest, loyalty and advocacy of your brand.